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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kill the Message...'Cause the Messenger is Packing!

So...all of the insider wonketariat and commentators are all crowing about the new "bipartisan" immigration reform legislation being drafted, all part of the GOP's effort to rebrand and remessage itself to appeal more to the very folks they would have happily frogmarched back to their countries of origin. Likewise, the GOP spin-doctors will be instructing their charges to talk less about their wacky notions of legit rape, etc., when confronting the abortion issue. And so and so on and so on...

I, for one, ain't buyin' it. They can remessage and repackage to their little cold hearts' delight, but the message - the actual policies and the values they represent - will remain the same: cold-hearted, divisive, hate-filled, racist, anti-poor, misogynist and anti-gay. There ain't enough lipstick and perfume in the world to that will make that pig any purttier. I'll look forward to the day when the teabaggers rise up to reclaim the vile rotten soul of the GOP, and all of this staged nonsense will come crashing down, scattering the pigs and cosmetics everywhere.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Goddamn Marvel

What can I say? This, along with playing his namesake in the Shining, had to be a couple of is greatest roles. I love Jack Nicholson, back when when he was still acting and not just playing some sad caricature of himself.

Then there's the politics of this so-called Debt Ceiling Crisis. I will give Obama credit for refusing to negotiate with fiscal terrorists, er sorry, I meant House Republicans. Whatever. Meanwhile, he has been seriously considering negotiating by throwing the vulnerable under the bus (again; surprise!) by way of staking out some "centrist" position, which in this day and age is just to the left of the National Review's editorial board's position.

It's all just a bit depressing. Another failure of leadership all made up to look sensible and serious-minded. Let's just roll the tape and click the link...