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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Goddamn Marvel

What can I say? This, along with playing his namesake in the Shining, had to be a couple of is greatest roles. I love Jack Nicholson, back when when he was still acting and not just playing some sad caricature of himself.

Then there's the politics of this so-called Debt Ceiling Crisis. I will give Obama credit for refusing to negotiate with fiscal terrorists, er sorry, I meant House Republicans. Whatever. Meanwhile, he has been seriously considering negotiating by throwing the vulnerable under the bus (again; surprise!) by way of staking out some "centrist" position, which in this day and age is just to the left of the National Review's editorial board's position.

It's all just a bit depressing. Another failure of leadership all made up to look sensible and serious-minded. Let's just roll the tape and click the link...

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