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Monday, November 28, 2011

Eye of a Newt

Before inking this, I scanned a few of the recent cartoons done on Gingrich's candidacy...and most focused on his excess baggage. What about the fact that he's a heartless, slimy, ammoral opportunist? In a word, a Republican. Hope y'all had a good Turkey Day. Gobble, gobble. Slither, Slither.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wall Street Bankers' Revenge

I feel so bad for those Wall Street fat cats, and the politicians who love them. Those pesky protesters are making their cushy existence just a mite uncomfortable with their occupations and insistence on moral behavior.Boo hoo frickin' hoo. I guess to those to whom much is given, they should just to take the money and run. Needless to say, this cartoon came to me as an inspiration in the place where I do my best thinking...

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Last Super-Committee

This cartoon was divinely-inspired - it's too much of a co-inky-dink that there are 12 super-committee members, the same number of JC's apostles. And Lord knows people are still kicking themselves for drinking the messianic Kool-Aid on Barack to paraphrase Maradonna's goofy claim - this cartoon is an act of Chassy, and the brush of G-d. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Blizzard of Lies

There's a reason for having redundancy in an institution's checks and balances: to overcome individuals' lack of courage to do what is required of them. I think both at the individual and insitutional level there's plenty of blame to go around for cowardly, self-serving behavior. But at the end of the day, I place more responsiblity (and consequences) at the feet of the institution.

Like they say about most scandals - it's not the crime, it's the cover up. Paterno and the Penn State administrators all had a responsibility to protect the children, to uphold the university's own code, and to follow the state's law. They failed in all three.

I guess what I'm saying is that a sexual predator might be able to strike once successfully, but when he is able to do so repeatedly and with impunity, he's had some help, either by acts of commission or ommission. For me, the failure is a systemic and not just a personal one.

Enjoy the cartoon, which I would title, "The Blizzard of Lies."

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cartoons in 2011 - Gotta keep the cat's chops in order

I inked this cartoon over the summer during the ridiculous game of fiscal chicken between Speaker of the Tea Baggers and President Obama. Like a lot of "Progressives," I was disgusted with the President's cave-first negotiate-later strategy. Ugh.


This is the first cartoon I did in a while, towards the beginning fo the "Occupy" movement's efforts to raise public awareness about being taken to the cleaners. I guess it's a little unfair to pin everything on the Republican Party. The Democratic Party is only too happy to take the Wall Street financiers' political bribes, they're just less obnoxious about it.

Nothing like a little sanctimonious denial to fire up the creative juices. The Hermanitor is still in pretty deep doo-doo for trying to cover up his dalliances. I think he should get an Olympic medal for his ability to talk out of multiple sides of his mouth (and other orifices) simultaneously.

Baltimore is a company town, pretty much run by the medical industry. Nice to know that those good doctors are occasionally willing to stop ringing up the sales to enjoy an ethical moment. 


You know - I'm not lying here. It was just a few days after I posted this sucker that the Sperminator actually used the High-Tech lynching line to join himself at the hip with the brother Uncle Clarence. Life really does imitate art. Oh, and I am a brilliant genius.

Cartoons for the Baltimore Sun (2010)

I produced several cartoons for the Baltimore Sun, seven of which were published.
I've included others that I submitted but weren't published.

This first cartoon pokes fun at some of PG County's finest - the politicians and the rats who love them, or maybe I have that backwards. Anyway the corruption among PG pols is almost as egregious as the excessive violence among the county's cops, "BANG! You have the right to remain...oops. Never mind."


All those years of religious school must have done some good. I just love playing off a good Biblical story to help bring a little perspective (as well as love and respect) for our current day's politicos.

Running a close second to Biblical allegory is my fondness for putting old show tunes to good use to poke fun at political silliness. I think it was my early exposure to all of those Mel Brooks movies during the 70s and 80s as a young kid. How can you expect to take your 7-year old son to Blazing Saddles and not have him come out warped for life? Thanks Mom and Dad. Anyway, looks like we'll have to wait 'til next year for the Gov to push through the same sex marriage bill.


G-d forbid we raise a little coin, build some schools and repair a few potholes. In the process, if we're lucky, we might even help folks moderate their consumption of alcohoic beverages. What? Oh, I get it. Can't consider it. Profits over people. Heck, profits over everything.  

Oh, I loved doing this cartoon. The only thing I didn't do was put the GOP elephant in a mini skirt, high heels and a Tina Turner wig. Michael Steele - where are you now?

Maryland Senate President Miller, self-appointed tough guy and executioner. I wish I could be so confident in myself to support a mockery of due process and the institutionalization of human rights violations. I wonder what he injects into himself so that he can sleep at night.

Old TV shows provide great fodder for cartoons - I'll put it at #3 behind biblical stories and broadway musical showtunes. Couldn't resist the Holy Grail reference in this one. Saw that one at age 7, too. Man, I was warped and proud to be still. Bring out your dead!

This cartoon is very, very local. It turns out that Walmart will NOT be building a new small business-killing mega store in the Remington neighborhood. We'll still get the new Lowes, and all of us in my neighborhood are crossing our fingers that it doesn't kill our local Ace Hardware store.

This cartoon was probably my best with the Sun. Since its publication Denise Whiting has since dropped her efforts to trademark "Hon," even going so far as announcing her decision while tearfully submitting her establishment, the Hon Cafe, to Chef Gordon Ramsey's scrutiny. News flash, Denise: you're still a "Bloody stupid (bleep)in' cow."

This cartoon was never going to see the light of day at the Sun, but I had to do it anyway. Like MLK told us from the Birmingham jail, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."