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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cartoons in 2011 - Gotta keep the cat's chops in order

I inked this cartoon over the summer during the ridiculous game of fiscal chicken between Speaker of the Tea Baggers and President Obama. Like a lot of "Progressives," I was disgusted with the President's cave-first negotiate-later strategy. Ugh.


This is the first cartoon I did in a while, towards the beginning fo the "Occupy" movement's efforts to raise public awareness about being taken to the cleaners. I guess it's a little unfair to pin everything on the Republican Party. The Democratic Party is only too happy to take the Wall Street financiers' political bribes, they're just less obnoxious about it.

Nothing like a little sanctimonious denial to fire up the creative juices. The Hermanitor is still in pretty deep doo-doo for trying to cover up his dalliances. I think he should get an Olympic medal for his ability to talk out of multiple sides of his mouth (and other orifices) simultaneously.

Baltimore is a company town, pretty much run by the medical industry. Nice to know that those good doctors are occasionally willing to stop ringing up the sales to enjoy an ethical moment. 


You know - I'm not lying here. It was just a few days after I posted this sucker that the Sperminator actually used the High-Tech lynching line to join himself at the hip with the brother Uncle Clarence. Life really does imitate art. Oh, and I am a brilliant genius.

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