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Monday, April 8, 2013

Better Bread Than Dead

Apologies to all for a two month hiatus. No excuses, and it's good to be back.

Here we go again. In another stroke of political genius - GENIUS I tell you! - the Obama administration has made a beeline to the "center" for its initial negotiating position with the knuckle-dragging crowd, aka, the GOP, for talks on the budget.

Uhm, OK...and they hope to come away with what exactly at the end of this process? Somebody needs to send Barack Obama back up to Cambridge to bone up on negotiation tactics. By beginning with what could only be seen as a worst case end result, the actual outcome of the budget negotiations is likely to be dismal. This initial offer by the White House legitimizes the illegitimate - taking yet another pass on addressing poverty and injustice and equating the value of programs designed to reduce inequality and to promote resilience with those that stuff more resources into the maw of our overfed military-intelligence complex.

The moral bankruptcy of Barack Obama continues. Which chapter are we filing today?

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