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Monday, March 19, 2012

This horrible tragedy should give President Obama the Amityville Horror moment he needs to realize it's now long past time to "Get OUT!" of Afghanistan. The original mission of defeating Al Qaeda and chasing off the Taliban was achieved by the end of 2001. We haven't had mission creep, we've had "mission of the month." What the hell is this? Baskin Robins?

Why on earth are we still there? Doesn't Obama give a damn about the innocent Afghans he has killed with his policy? Does he lose any sleep at night after sending all of the American men and women to fight in Afghanistan for no real measurable gain in U.S. security or national interest? Maybe the real reason is that his fragile ego and nervousness over re-election lead him to want to show the world that he can man up with the hawks in both political parties.

Meanwhile Leon Panetta should be forced to apologize personally to each and everyone of the people harmed by this tragedy: to the Afghan families who lost their loved ones and continue to suffer from the trauma of this massacre as well as to all of the soldiers whose sacrifice he minimized by glibly uttering this trite cliche. What a putz. Shame on him.

What senseless, unjust loss of human lives.

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