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Monday, April 16, 2012

Stand Your Ground

I've always wondered when and how (not if) people of color in the United States, especially African-Americans and Hispanics, might one day say, "You know what. We've had it. We tried to play by the 'rules," but those rules have never been fair. To hell with it and to hell with you." There have been a few recent examples of such uprisings, in Los Angeles after the Rodney King trial, but our militarized state has been as adept at "keeping the peace" at home as it has waging pointless, unjust wars abroad.

For me, the Trayvon Martin case has brought home this issue, underscoring that we remain a nation that maintains separate and unequal systems of justice, depending on the color of one's skin. It was gratifying to see the million hoodie march but there needs to be a real transformation in these unjust systems and structures. When are all people of all races, ethnicities and classes going to put down their hot pocket, turn off the iPad-streaming video and say "Enough!"


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  2. Let's try that again ...
    So to prove your point above of black males are stereotyped, here the article of how the FBI fudged (and outright lied) supposedly scientific evidence from crime scenes and sent innocent black men to prison (and sometimes to their death) for years.
    Worse, when they finally stopped, they didn't bother informing these men that they might be rotting in prison for no good reason whatsoever.