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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Sucker Born Every Day

Much has already been written, exposing the machinations of the multibillionaire Koch brothers. To be fair, they're only two among several plutocrats who are hellbent on remaking America into a social Darwinist dystopia. And, my point is...? I don't care how many there are; there are too many. The most infuriating thing is their cowardice, hiding their identities behind "social welfare organizations," which appear to have as much if not more influence in the current campaign than Super PACs. How convenient to maintain a public persona of being philanthropists while bombing America's social fabric into the Stone Age.

As for the teabaggers who love them, I think there needs to be a sequel to Thomas Frank's What's the Matter With Kansas? to explain how these six-fingered, knuckle-dragging, sister-loving crimes of humanity willingly choose to participate in their own economic self-destruction. Given the demographics of the teabag "movement," the good news is that in a few years most of them will be locked up in nursing homes, left to waste away in their right-wing dementia. Until then I'll look forward to the day when I can happily tell them, "So long, sucker."


  1. Love the hammer and sickle in Obamacare. Are you the first to use that?

    -- Bean

  2. Nope. Can't take credit...I saw it on a placard in a photo of a teabagger at a teabag rally.