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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Before the Big Storm

My heart goes out to all those who perished in this year's "perfect storm," the combination of Hurricane Sandy, the jet stream cold front and the full moon, among others. What angers me is the decision by politicians to remain silent about the role climate change most likely played in this record-setting climate "event." I am by no means a scientist but I remember hearing about the threats to coastal communities and island nations 20 years ago when working for one of the bigger environmental NGOs in Washington, DC. So the recent event should have by no means been seen as a surprise. It was always a matter of not if, but when, and yet with the politicians and policy makers bought and paid for by the carbon-fuel industry lobby, there has been very little progress to prepare for never mind prevent this very kind of calamity.

At what point does their refusal to take action make them responsible for the deaths and losses suffered by innocents? Who will hold them accountable? Er, uhm, hmmm....guess that would be us.

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