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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Barry the Plumber

Let's leave aside the obvious political hysterics of the Republicans over Benghazi, the IRS "targeting" of teabaggers seeking activist welfare (and tax-exempt status)...the Obama administration's criminalization of investigative reporting merits all the criticism and concern that have been expressed so far...and then some.

Having said that, I'm sure the Repubican'ts will be the first to tear up their new ACLU membership cards as soon as a reporter dares to investigate the next Republican excess. That is unless Dick Cheney doesn't somehow order the poor bastard's disappearance so that he can harvest their organs and blood to extend his baneful existence for another ten years.

But back to Obama and his mea no have-a clue-a about the DOJ's unprecedented pursuit of leakers and the journalists who love them. It's pathetic on two fronts. First, he's the boss; he's in charge; and I'm dubious that the Justice Department attorneys who were behind this were somehow just going rogue. Maybe if he weren't too busy freezing out and marginalizing his cabinet members, he might have been more on top of this.

Second, he's a former Constitutional Law professor and yet he shows a dismaying disdain for the damage his administration has wreaked on the institutions of political competition and good governance in its almost vindictive pursuit of leakers. Shame on him and Eric Holder, as long as we're handing out blame for this. Why is Obama so damn concerned about prosecuting journalists when he's been so reluctant to go after the real criminals: half the Bush Administration for its illegal wars and torture and all of Wall Street for tanking the economy 6 years ago?

So while I would never compare Obama to Nixon, as the victimhood-embracing Republican martyrs have been doing, I would say that he's been about as adept in managing his administration's response to leaks as G. Gordon Liddy and the gang were at breaking into the DNC HQ in Watergate. All thumbs and a few screws loose.

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