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Monday, June 10, 2013


OK, OK, OK. Last week I said that the Republicans were hyperventilating when they compared the Obama administration to the Nixon administration. It's my turn to eat a little crow. Mea cupla mea maxima culpa. I was wrong. We should all be hyperventilating and be convinced once and for all the Barack Obama is a fraud and a shill for the military-intelligence complex. Constitutional law professor? What-EVER, dude. He's all about carrying on W's legacy, only with crisper efficiency, greater "Trust us and get out of our way" arrogance and sense of purpose.

As the details begin to trickle out about the PRISM software and the Obama administration's policy of spying on Americans first and asking the FISA courts' permission later it's become painfully clear that the Global War on Terror is here to stay for a while along with its disembowelment of whatever remains of our basic rights as were once enshrined by the Constitution. We're told about needing to make tradeoffs between security and liberty, and sadly most of us appear to be on board with that. And if things get a little messy, well hey - you gotta crack some eggs to make omelets.

Meanwhile, we see Obama and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, coming together around a new model of cooperation. The two most powerful men, leading the nations with the two largest economies, both (now) with a well-established record of running roughshod over their respective peoples' basic civil rights. If that doesn't give you pause and make you wonder...what came first the chicken hawk or the egg?

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